Cyber Security & Protective Services

We provide professional security advisement to private persons, companies on high-profile cases.  Our goal is to implement security procedures that make for as little disruption to the continuity of business, life and your liberties.  We advise in cyber security protocols, security staffing, security products and executive protection.

Private Investigation

PRIVATE provides a series of sought after investigation services that serve litigators, insurance companies, corporations and private individuals.


Whether you need to find obscured assets or place a person of interest under surveillance, PRIVATE can help you obtain the peace of mind of knowing.  

Privacy Advisement

We know how to keep you private.  From removing information Online to helping you disappear or whatever privacy in between you are looking for; we can help you obtain that privacy. We know how to navigate media, regulatory issues, legal issues and your business climate to help you obtain the level of privacy that best suits you.

Intelligence Services

We provide a wide array of intelligence gathering services. 

We learn what you need to achieve and then set to planning a strategy to creatively, ethically and discreetly deliver the results that help those responsible make better decisions.

Individual Consultation

We work with private people on a variety of issues.  Whether you need legal assistance, investigative services or security strategies, PRIVATE has exclusive associate relationships to achieve your individual and personal goals discreetly.